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A Worcestershire Childhood

SATURDAY'S CHILD was chosen by the British Library as a contribution to the Millennium Life Story Collection. It is the story of a child born outside normal family life, who struggles to discover her own identity in a world of adult insensitivity and hypocrisy.

Thea lived in several foster homes before being taken in by an aunt when she was six. She is puzzled by the hostility she meets, especially after the birth of her auntŐs baby. There are further difficulties when her natural mother marries and she has to come to terms with a stepfather.

The events occur in the years before and during the Second World War and are described from a childŐs observation of the world around her. They reflect her love of the countryside, the joys of friendship, early schooldays, and the innocence of youth.

The Author

Wendy Grounds spent much of her childhood in Malvern and when she was eighteen trained as a State Registered ChildrenŐs Nurse at the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

After her marriage, she and her husband and three children lived for thirty years near London. She qualified as a teacher and taught for twenty five years at various schools in Essex.

On retirement, she returned to Malvern, where she spends her time in her main interests of history, literature, writing, and walking on the hills.

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