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The relief of poor body posture

One of Dr Grahame Fagg's main desires in life was to help people to improve their posture. He was convinced that many of us suffer emotional stresses during childhood which result in fixed body postures that remain throughout adult life. These frequently bring aches, pains and other forms of debilitating illnesses. The book opens our minds to this revelation and helps us understand our own faulty postures.
By following his advice we can restore the original posture we once enjoyed in early childhood. It also opens the way to a new, better and healthier life by relieving the strains and stresses we may well have inflicted upon ourselves during adulthood, preventing us from living full, relaxed and happier lives.



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The Author

Grahame Fagg (1916-2002) qualified as a doctor in 1938 at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London. In 1950 he was appointed Consultant Paediatrician for Hertfordshire and North Bedfordshire, retiring in 1980.
He devoted his life to working with sick children but latterly became fascinated in studying the relationship between posture and disease. The result is this book.