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Turbulent times in 1955-74 on the Mediterranean island of Kythrea.

The Greek inhabitants, egged on by their Archbishop and led in the field by the mystery man Makhairas, are in revolt against British colonial rule. The struggle is complicated by the sizeable Turkish minority who have their own agenda. Racial tension is exacerbated by Britain's divide-and-rule policy.

Turbulent times, too, for the freedom-fighter and aspiring writer Antonis, who loves and loses the beautiful Aliki; for Mehmet, the precocious goat-herd who goes on to become the only waiter in Kythrea to pass the Cambridge Proficiency in English examination; for Pirate, the one-eyed Turkish girl who married an English deserter; for Cooper, the savant-soldier who becomes obsessed with ideas of responsibility, betrayal and atonement after his friend Jammy dies in a horrific fire; and for Harrap, the reluctant hero, who finds love and happiness in a remote Kythrean village.

In his enthralling first novel, David Ashley deftly weaves the disparate stories of his protagonists with the machinations of cynical statesmen.

And then there is the landscape; sometimes brutal, sometimes beautiful, always evoking the distant echoes of antiquity.

The Author

David Ashley lived in Cyprus for twenty-five years. Before that he had worked in Libya, Oman, and Papua New Guinea. He now lives in South-West Scotland. In 1992, he was the runner-up in the Bridport Arts Festival Short Story Competition, the prestigious Bridport Prize.

The Lemon Groves of Louvaras is his first novel.

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