Phillip Morgan: 978-1-902918-47-1
A Survey of its Social History

GROSMONT, now a quiet rural parish in Wales separated from England by the river Monnow, was once an important Norman lordship. It had a flourishing market town in early medieval times and was part of the Three Castles group, which gave the Normans a defensive strong-point against the Welsh.

In the 14th century Grosmont became part of the duchy of Lancaster and the records have much to tell us of early life there. So too have the parish registers and surviving accounts of parish officers.

These invaluable documents have enabled the author to recount the changes of life and governance in this ancient place. Special subjects include a detailed account of the Tithe Survey at Grosmont and an original study of bastardy in the parish.


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The Author
Phillip Morgan has lived in Grosmont for forty years and made a comprehensive study of its history and traditions.