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When human beings first emerged from the animal kingdom, they carried with them a biological urge to destroy any form of life which they saw as threatening. Aggressive behaviour, which we now consider as evil, was essential for their self-preservation in a hostile world.

 As a result of evolution, the original animal instinct has been transformed by the human mind into an over- whelming impulse to inflict evil on its own species.

 Henry Gabriel considers such savage behaviour has now outlived its purpose and its perpetuation is a biological anachronism.

 Technological, scientific, and medical achievements now provide the ability to fulfil mankind's historical mission; to overcome the evil compulsion.

The Author

Henry Gabriel is a playright and novelist and native of Glasgow He has had several productions of his plays at the Edinburgh Festival, the Pitlochry Festival Theatre and the Glasgow Citizens.

His first novel The Inner Case was published in 1989 and was acclaimed as the Book of the Week in the Sunday Post, Scotland's largest Sunday newspaper.

His philosophical essays Forward to Methuselah and the detective satire Masks of Eros are both published by Cappella Archive.

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