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The autobiography of the former Bishop of Bath & Wells

In this autobiography, John Bickersteth, Bishop of Bath and Wells from 1975 to 1987, describes his family background and London childhood; his adolescence in a Kentish village and his life in two boarding schools. He recounts his experiences for six years as a wartime soldier, including the Normandy Invasion, and his eventual call to the priesthood.

He writes about his work as a parish priest in the 'fifties and 'sixties and as a bishop during the following two decades. He expands on his ten years in the Royal Household, and takes the reader on various overseas journeys to places as diverse as the Soviet Union, Sri Lanka and the Australian outback.

He finishes by outlining his Christian beliefs and the faith by which he lives; his own 'Forum for the Future'.



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JONATHON PORRITT writes in his Foreword:
One of those Christians most prominently 'in the vanguard of the sacramental vision of God's earth' has been John Bickersteth. He is by his own enthusiastic account, an up-front, card-carrying, flag-waving environmentalist. Though it was only on his retirement in 1987 that conservation became the principal focus of his redoubtable energies, there runs a potent green thread through the whole of this very English life, right back to his childhood in the Weald of Kent.