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Where she and her family stayed

Most of the thirty surviving letters that Jane Austen wrote during her visits to London between 1796 and 1815 were written to her sister Cassandra. They provide a detailed account of the people she met and the many events she attended.
Vera Quin gives particulars of the houses where she stayed and Jane's relationship with her London relatives, especially her brother Henry, who started in business as a banker and then became a parish priest.
Despite their length and wealth of information, the letters reveal very little of Jane's feelings, although there is more than a hint of a flirtation with the young Tom Lefroy.


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The Author
Vera Quin went to nine schools in five countries and then to Girton College, Cambridge, where she read English.
The bulk of her working life was spent at the Learning Disabilities Clinic at St ThomasŐ Hospital and in schools trying to teach learning-disabled children.

She wrote, with Dr Alan Macauslan, `Reading and Spelling Difficulties: A medical approach', and `Dyslexia: What parents ought to know'. Cappella Archive has also published In Paris with Jane AustenVera Quin's fascinating account of how copies of the novels were translated into French during the Napoleonic Wars.